Automatic emergency brakes reduce chances of rear-end collisions

From 2013 to 2015, General Motors sold 10 vehicle models in Georgia that offered automatic emergency braking systems as an option. Researchers from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety compared accidents involving these vehicles to identify differences in collisions between those equipped with the emergency braking system and those that only sounded a warning if a collision was imminent.

Researchers collected data from police accident reports. They determined that vehicles with automatic emergency brakes that stopped a vehicle without requiring action from the driver avoided rear-end collisions 43 percent more often than vehicles without the automatic safety system. When looking specifically at crashes that caused injuries, researchers found that automatic emergency brakes reduced crashes with injuries by 68 percent.

Rear-end collisions represented approximately one-third of all car accidents in 2016. Nationwide, rear-end accidents accounted for 2.4 million crashes that year. The findings of this latest study from the IIHS agree with the findings of other studies that also attributed significant crash reductions to automatic emergency brakes. With advanced safety technology producing such promising results, automakers have pledged to make these safety systems standard on most vehicles by 2022.

Although vehicle design and technology have made great strides in promoting safety, car accidents remain a daily reality. When a person suffers serious injuries after a wreck caused by a negligent driver, they can pursue financial damages. The assistance of an attorney could support the recovery of damages. Legal counsel might counteract insurance company tactics meant to reduce a settlement. An attorney could take on the tasks of organizing evidence and tallying medical costs to prepare a lawsuit. With this support, a person burdened by injuries might overcome bureaucratic barriers and collect compensation needed to offset medical expenses and lost pay.

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