Avoiding the five most common workplace accidents

Avoiding the five most common workplace accidents

All employees in Georgia, whether they work in the construction, retail or agricultural industry, should know about the following five types of workplace accidents and how to avoid them. First on the list are slip, trip and fall accidents. Slips can be caused by wet or oily surfaces, weather hazards and spills that are not taken care of in time. Workers may also trip in poorly lit areas and on torn carpeting, loose cables and clutter.

Good housekeeping, proper footwear for employees and level walking surfaces that have traction are all important factors in preventing such accidents. Workers should also be urged to report spills and other hazards as soon as they appear.

Improperly guarded machinery are No. 2 on the list. Machines may hit workers with flying objects, slice them and crush their arms and legs. Besides adding safeguards, employers should provide operator training and the right protective clothing. The third most common hazards are transportation accidents. Employees may be struck by forklifts in the workplace or by passing vehicles while doing roadside work.

Bad gas lines and improperly stored combustibles are just some of the reasons behind fires and explosions -- the fourth most common accident category. Employers should have a clear evacuation plan and keep material safety data sheets. Lastly, many incur repetitive stress injuries as well as injuries through overexertion. Rest breaks and lifting equipment, respectively, can help prevent these.

An employee can file a workers' compensation claim if they are injured on the job, regardless of who was to blame. However, their claim may be denied if their own negligence contributed to their injuries. That's why it's important to hire a lawyer to help with the filing process. With a lawyer, a victim can mount an appeal of a denied claim if necessary.


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